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    If should take you between 10 - 15 minutes to complete your online will. If you are interrupted, you may come back to the site, which will save your information protected by your unique email address and password.

    See before you start, for an explanation of some of the terms used.

    Cost effective

    You can be charged a lot of money for a will, but Q-Wills offers 3 cost effective alternatives

    1. A Gold service will for £36
    2. A Platinum service will for £66
    3. Contact F&W solicitors and let them do a specifically tailored will just for you.


    Peace of mind

    Have peace of mind in a quick quality service.

    • Fully supported by UK solicitors
    • Quick and easy to complete
    • View a summary and first page of your online will before you buy

    More reasons to use Q-Wills and some testimonials by satisfied customers.

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